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The MSEZ Alpha is live

You can join as an Alpha member in the first Multilateral Special Economic Zone.

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About MSEZ

Multilateral Special Economic Zone (MSEZ) is a digital cross-border special economic zone (SEZ). MSEZ lets your digital businesses operate seamlessly across borders through a legally compliant network of Zones with market-leading incentives.

MSEZ caters to the needs of your future-minded business—whether you are a multinational corporation, a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), or even a digital nomad—enabling growth in the rapidly-evolving digital economy.

Push the Bounds of
Digital Commerce

Thrive in the digital economy with our pioneering virtual business environment, supported by a network of leading SEZs.

Multilateral Presence

Operate virtually from any corner of the planet - enabling new growth opportunities

Knowledge Clusters

Conduct business virtually alongside leading innovators and entrepreneurs - creating new synergies

Unrivalled Tax Concessions

Access unparalleled tax concessions - bolstering your business' bottom line

Best-In-Class Digital Regulations

Leverage regulations designed for the digital age - spanning Web 3.0, e-Commerce and more

Guaranteed Banking

Meet your unique financial needs with our unrivaled digital banking service offering

Real-World Infrastructure

Establish a "real world" presence - with all the same regulatory and banking benefits

For Businesses

Register your business in MSEZ today to step into the future of digital commerce. Our product offering is made to fit your business' unique needs, with a focus on broadening your market.

Incredible benefits
for your business

With all individuals and businesses securing the
following benefits for a guaranteed 25 years:


Income Tax


Corporate Tax


Import Duties


Export Duties


Value Added Tax


Foreign Ownership


Capital Repatriation


Guaranteed Global banking

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For Governments

Partnering with MSEZ allows governments to harness the benefits of the growing digital economy. Governments are not currently positioned to capture the economic spillover from revolutions in digital businesses, like those driven by Web 3.0 and DAO innovation.

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Capture New Fiscal Revenue

Collect previously inaccessible revenue from commerce in the digital economy.

Enhance Regulations

Understand the needs of today's businesses, and take advantage of novel regulatory frameworks introduced by other blue-chip jurisdictions, to future-proof your own regulatory offering.

Drive Innovation and Growth

Attract entrepreneurs and business leaders to your jurisdiction. Simultaneously give domestic innovators access to the vast knowledge spillover and regulatory benefits of MSEZ.

Ready to be a Multi-Jurisdiction incorporated business?

You can register for the limited MSEZ Alpha right now.

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MSEZ is building the first Multilateral Special Economic Zone, empowering your business' growth in the digital age.

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